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Manage time & attendance and access rights of your workforce

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Door Hardware

Long-life, attractive, compliant

Our comprehensive range of door closers, locks, door furniture and emergency exit hardware offers premium design quality for build longevity and compliance – all from a single source.

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Door Locks


Electrified door Hardware

Panic Hardware

Swing Door Operators

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Sliding Door Operators

Touchless Access

Speed Gates

Security Revolving Doors and Interlocks

Entrance Systems

Comfortable access solutions

Whether you are looking for a statement entrance allowing the free flow of visitors, or a highly controllable security door with personal interlocks for high level protection, dormakaba offers a comprehensive range of entrance doors, turnstiles and personnel gates.

Electronic Access & Data

Manage time & attendance and access rights of your workforce

Our Electronic Access and Data Collection product suite comprise fully networked and wireless access control management systems, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, readers, keypads, credentials, time clocks, and data collection solutions. Each solution is designed with a single goal in mind – making access in life smart and secure.

Electronic Door Locks

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Electronic Door Locks

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Lodging Systems

Enhance the guest and resident experience

More than 500-million hotel guest experiences are improved by dormakaba lodging products each year. True hospitality combines convenience at the front desk, smooth access to guest rooms, and end-to-end security in the back-of-house

Interior Glass Systems

Smart design is transparent

dormakaba interior glass systems bring the benefits of glass to your projects: transparency, daylighting, versatility, efficiency, space savings, and a low cost of ownership.

Manual Sliding Door Systems

Fittings For Glass Doors & Assemblies

Glass Partitions

Horizontal Sliding Walls

Architectural Pulls, Handles & Glass Locksets

Legacy Products

Access Control System

Keyscan, a member of the dormakaba Group, is focused on developing and manufacturing innovative access control hardware and software. The Keyscan product line combines ease of deployment and flexible system design while delivering high-powered features and capabilities that satisfy even the most complex access control system installations. The Keyscan product line can be found securing embassies, military bases, hospitals, power generation plants, automotive facilities, banks, schools, multi-national organizations, and retail facilities.

  • Aurora Access Management Software
  • Door Control Units
  • Elevator Control Units
  • High Frequency Readers & Credentials
  • Low Frequency Readers & Credentials
  • BLE (Mobile) Readers & Credentials
  • RF Receivers & Transmitters
  • Network & Communication Solutions
  • Relays & Peripherals

Keyscan Aurora Software

The Keyscan Aurora software is the culmination of years of research and innovation directed towards expanding access control functionality. With an emphasis on innovation and sustainability, dormakaba’s Keyscan Aurora access control software is a high-performance software platform. With many features and integration options, it provides a single software solution for access control with no performance-limiting or system expansion governors. Keyscan Aurora is ideal for any access control applications regardless of size or complexity.

Advanced features include managing, auditing and controlling door and elevator floor access as well as robust integration support for wireless locks, video management systems, intrusion alarm systems, Active Directory, and SMART elevator systems. Aurora can also support a hybrid hardwired and E-Plex wireless lock system with full control and audit capability, using the same credentials throughout your facility.

Multiple integration options with high profile manufacture product lines
Robust software platform with no expansion governors or performance delimiters
Ideal for any access control applications regardless of size or complexity

Protege WX

Access control. Made even more accessible.

Transforming the way companies manage their security, Protege WX effectively places the office in your pocket to give you the freedom to configure, control, and monitor your system from anywhere.

Anywhere anytime access.

No more dusty old desktop PC hidden away in a maintenance closet and providing a warm place for spiders to nest. The web-based interface gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere – the office, from home, or on the road. All you need is an internet connection and you have anywhere, anytime ease of access to your sites.  That’s flexible.

Multiple User Credentials

Up to 8 different credentials supported per user, allowing the use of multi card technologies, biometrics and other credentials.

Guard Tours

Triggers an alarm if a guard does not badge at a pre-configured card reader or activate a pre-configured input within a specified time period.

Elevator Control

Control access to elevator floors, schedule floor unlocking and even integrate with intruder detection.

Automation and Control

Integrate with 3rd party automation and lighting control systems to create a responsive environment.

Anti Passback

Prevents users from passing their credential back for another user to borrow and stops users entering an area by following or tailgating another user.

Area Counting

Limits the number of people in an Area. Great for carparks and hazardous areas.

Advanced Scheduling

Intelligent time based control of access and energy management, automatically adjusts for daylight savings and holidays.

Door Lockdown

Lockdown a single door or the whole site to restrict entry, exit or all access during an emergency situation.

DSX Access Systems, Inc.

Access Control Solutions since 1990

School, Campus, and District Security

DSX Access Control is a Centralized Access Management and Site Monitoring program. DSX can control the lock and unlock of every door along with who has access to which door and when. An Administrator can lockdown any school in the district or every school from one Command Button in the DSX Mobile App.

DSX proudly designs and engineers all Hardware and Software products in Dallas, Texas.

Secure, touchless access

The Openpath difference

Mobile access reimagined. Strengthen security posturing, reduce cost, and improve building experiences with Openpath.

  • Fastest, most reliable mobile access. Sub-second unlocks with patented Triple Unlock technology, even through Internet and service outages.

  • Remote system management. Manage your entire database from any web browser, on any device, wherever you are.

  • Integrated video and access. Powerful visual verification with mobile monitoring, remote unlock, and two-way audio.

  • Easy to install. Standard wiring eliminates the need for servers or a dedicated IP network for a frictionless install.

  • Smart security for every door. Complete access control with video, voice activation, turnstile and elevator solutions, plus Schlage® wireless lock integrations.

Cloud-based software

Instant systemwide communication and updates all managed remotely via the cloud.

Modern hardware

Easy-to-install readers and controllers with live video, two-way intercom, and touchless capabilities in a sleek design.

Encrypted credentials

Our readers support touchless access with smartphones, cards, fobs and Apple watch.

On-premise solutions

On-site access control systems compatible with Mercury hardware and browser-based software.

Experience award-winning access control

  • Fast, reliable patented Triple Unlock technology that supports multiple secure access methods

  • Touchless mobile experience with digital badges, guest passes, and two-way intercom capabilities

  • Secure cloud-based software with remote management and automatic system updates

  • Real-time activity alerts, tracking, and visual monitoring

  • Seamless integrations through our open API platform

  • Beautifully designed hardware installs effortlessly to support anywhere from a single door to a multi-site enterprise

Innovative, Scalable, and Open Access Control solution

Welcome to a new era of security management. Access It! by acre security is an innovative, transformational on-premises access control solution.

Access It! is the industry’s most advanced, easy-to-use line of access control software for on-premise applications. Flexibility, open architecture, cost savings, safety tools, integrations, and ease of deployment & upgrades ensure Access It! stands apart.

Designed to give you full utilization of your system, Access It! ensures value for your money. Our approach, “What You Buy, What You Try, and What You Apply,” guarantees that customers get the most out of their system.

Access It! Access Control Solutions

Access It! opens up a world of possibilities for customers interested in an easy-to-use, end-user friendly design, delivering the most powerful access control on the market today.

Access It! efficiently and effectively integrates access control with multiple sub-systems, both physical and software, and is a key component in the convergence of physical and logical (IT) security.

Access It! has a powerful integration engine to amplify your security operations with best-in-class access security solutions. There’s an Access It! option for every size operation, from a single-door site to an enterprise spanning the globe.

Designed to maximize your system’s potential and optimize your investment, Access It! offers the flexibility to scale according to your business needs, meeting the demands of any business size.

We make you life easier by delivering a powerful software that runs on non-proprietary Mercury hardware. Our software is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use, offering a true 64-bit Windows based program.

Keep an eye on your facility with Access Its’ live feeds and leverage its command-and-control functionalities for a more user-friendly experience. With Access It! you can conveniently monitor your system from anywhere via both desktop and mobile apps.



Open Architecture


Cost Savings


Safety Tools




Easy to deploy